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March 12, 2023 - 3-6 pm Eastern time

  • Starts Mar 12, 2023
  • 49.95 US dollars
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FLORA, Roman Goddess of Spring, first flowers and new growth, birth and restoration of Light and Balance. we celebrate Flora and Spring! FLORA Roman Goddess of Pleasure, Spring, Fecundity, and Frolic is a much older springtime goddess adopted by the Romans from the Sabines who Rome conquered. Some say her name, FLORA was the secret soul name of Rome. Flora means the “flourishing one.” As a goddess of fecundity she rules Sacred Pleasure, Holy/Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine – the Sacred Earth and the Solar Sun brought together in ecstasy to consummate the new shoots and seeds, the Spring, the new calves and lambs, the powerful regenerative forces of SPRING! Her sacred Festival – the Floralia, lasted 5 days and nights from the end of April to early May, consisting of drink, excellent food, ritual, games and races and diverse celebrations. Come celebrate the Wisdom of Spring, pleasure and growth.

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