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Meet the Presenter:
Darlene J. Golas, MSW

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Applied Kinesiology -
Tuning into Your Body's Intelligence


  A Course in Effective Selfcare Tools and Techniques

This condensed course offers practical skills to help yourself and your animals stay flexible, correct injury, avoid disease and treat illness.  None of us get through life without multiple or minor injuries for which we do not seek treatment.  Over time the pain may lift, but often the muscular and skeletal imbalances remain. Over time these have an accumulated effect on our structural, chemical and mental systems affecting our overall sense of well being.  

Physically and/or psychologically traumatic experiences leave damaging traces on our minds, hearts, bodies and souls.  Applied Kinesiology is one way to track those traces, stop their damaging effects and promote healing.  This course offers a holistic approach to self-care and healing.

Applied Kinesiology was developed in 1964, by Dr. George Goodheart Jr., D.C., of Detroit, Michigan.  In his work and research, he noticed that a disturbance in the nervous system would cause a muscle to “go weak,” (i.e. temporarily lose ability to resist a mild force) caused by a reaction of the nervous system.  He proved (what Oriental Medicine knew for thousands of years) that certain muscles are connected to certain organs, glands of internal secretion, systems of the body, vertebra, and acupuncture meridians (internal energy circuits).  He developed a layman’s way to evaluate our entire bodies state of balance or imbalance:  structurally, bio-chemically, mentally, emotionally and in the circulation of energy.

Medicine Wheel Therapeutics LLC offers a series of three hands on workshops (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced) that make up this course.   Each workshop includes time for group practice of each skill and technique being taught.

BEGINNING LEVEL teaches three ways to ask questions of our higher intelligence, regarding our bodies current condition. The body “speaks” to us through the nervous system, which responds to any stimulus.  We use the muscles to tell us what the nerves are saying about the body.  Muscle testing, use of a surrogate and/or use of a pendulum are “biofeedback” tools that can be used to access our higher intelligence.  Chakras are points of spiritual power located along the body.  Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” as they move energy in a circular pattern.  They can become reversed by stress, assault (emotionally, physically, intellectually, or spiritually), grief and life events.  A simple technique for re-balancing each chakra will be shared.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL teaches ways to use the tools to identify specific spinal and skeletal imbalances in the human and animal (dogs, horses, etc.) bodies.  Simple techniques are taught that assist in restoring skeletal balance.

ADVANCED LEVEL workshop teaches how through Oriental Medicine, and the Law of Five Elements, we can use muscle testing to identify human organ and meridian imbalances.  Meridians are internal energy circuits that intersect and feed our organs. Acupressure and other meridian balancing techniques are taught, that assist the body in restoring organ and meridian health.

Presenter: Darlene J. Golas, MSW


Location:  Minerva Educational and Wellness Treatment Center LLC
  52 Deer Lane, Honesdale, PA 18431

                                Course Dates and Times

Beginning:        Friday June 14, 2024 ~ 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Intermediate:  Saturday, June 15, 2024 ~ 9:00am - 5:30pm
Advanced:        Sunday, June 16, 2024 ~ 10:00am – 4:00pm                                                                                                                                               Course Cost:  $300.00  (Handbook Included)                                                         

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