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Providing counseling and alternative healing therapies such as Reiki, BioMat Treatments, Cold Laser, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, as well as coaching for patients and family.

Lyme Disease:
Providing assistance, education and recommendations to coincide with your practitioners recommended treatments.

Assistance and Guidance through the process of the various Cancer treatments.

Stress Management

Life Changing Events

Emotional Issues

Nutritional Issues

Those who want to increase their levels of wellness.

Many of Dr. Betty's clients want to find ways to increase their levels of wellness through treatments and coaching, asking for her assistance to understand and guide them through their medical choices, advices and treatments which have been presented to them and are available.

With the vast knowlege that Dr. Betty has acquired over the years in so many areas of healing and wellness, she has been able to develop a strong network of practitioners in the healing arts that accept referrals.  
Check out the All Scheduled Classes page for any scheduled classes or contact Dr. Betty for more information, to schedule an appointment or to request a specific class.
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