Betty deMaye-Caruth PhD, RN, CHTP, RM/T

Welcome To Your Journey To Wellness

Minerva Educational and Wellness Treatment Center LLC, located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to providing Educational and Wellness Counseling Programs, Holistic Treatments/Therapies and In-office as well as Distance Counseling Services. We help people to take charge of their health and become a part of their healing process, while working in conjunction with their primary physician.

As an award winning practitioner, Betty deMaye-Caruth, PhD, RN, CHTP, RM/T, President of the Minerva Educational and Wellness Treatment Center LLC, works with individuals and corporate organizations to provide customized wellness programs in order to assist them with their wellness needs that will give them the best value and results.

Your decision to take charge of your life and begin to take control of your healthy lifestyle is the most important decision you will ever make. Our focus is to create a customized integrated wellness program strategy that will improve your health as an individual. We also work with corporate organizations to provide their employee's with the knowledge and tools that will improve their health and the company's bottom line.

Call Dr. Betty today to set up your program and begin your journey to a healthier, happier and more productive life today.

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