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Please share your Tapping experiences or submit any of your questions to Dr. Betty at  


Tapping is an Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT healing tool using the similar idea and method of acupuncture and acupressure without the use of needles as an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. The Tapping process is a mind-body method of tapping acupuncture points on the hands, face, and body with your fingertips as you focus on the physical issue or feeling you're hoping to resolve as well as assisting in the reduction of physical pain, stress, anxiety, improve performance, lessen cravings, and help resolve fears. 

This Tapping Technique, developed by Gary Craig, is used to restore the balance of your body’s energy. It’s believed that restoring this energy balance can relieve symptoms a negative experience or emotion may have caused. The Tapping technique can be used as often as needed in order to experience your personal freedoms from emotional issues of past or present, and any physical pain, thereby increasing your personal physical comfort and emotional peace. 

Stress does not only exist in adults, but in children of all ages as well. Tapping can address a long list of specific issues such as daily performance, social and emotional development, anxiety, anger, trauma, ADD, etc.  Studies have shown that EFT Tapping reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, levels in the body. Some have felt the reduction of anxiety in under 10 minutes.

Begin experiencing the benefits of Tapping as e
xplained below. Be sure to Tap each of these nine meridian points in the numbered order during your tapping sequence. Included is a script for beginners to assist you. 


* Think about the problem you
   wish to address.

* Create a short phrase to refer
   to the emotion or pain you are

* Assess your current level of
   pain or emotion.

*Create your set-up statement:

   "Even though __________, I   
     deeply and profoundly love
     & accept myself."


   "Even though I am struggling
     with this pain in my {body
     location}, I accept myself and
     how I’m feeling.

*Perform the tapping sequence
  on all EFT points.

*Reassess your pain or
  emotional/stress level.

*Perform another round of

*Install positive feelings along
  with another round of tapping
  such as "I am enough as I am."


*Pause for a minute or two to
  appreciate the tapping and feel
  gratitude for this time you’ve
  given to yourself.


*At the end of your tapping,
  tune into your body/mind and
  rate the intensity of your
  feelings about your pain or
  emotions on a  scale of 1-10.
  Keep working  through until

  your number is as low as
  possible and make tapping a
  daily habit for best results.

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